Single Step Example

An example of the predefined cart with creating combined kits in the main cart.

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576Welcome to our products wizard! It will help you to make the right choice.

We took care of you and added the basic kit to your cart already!



Select a frame at first and let us know how tall are you:

Just to appropriate configure your bike

Giant ATX

Format 20

Author Egoist


Products pagination is supported

Wheels Enwe SES 34

Enwe SES 34

Wheels Enwe SES 45

Enwe SES 45

Wheels Enwe SES 67

Enwe SES 67


"Extra Product Options" plugin is supported!

Ritchey Superlogic Carbon Evo Curve

Ø31.8 matt black

Ritchey WCS Carbon Evo Curve

Ø31.8 matt black

Oxygen Scorpo Comfort

U.D. Finish
Ø31.8 shiny

Oxygen Scorpo Anatomic

U.D. Finish
Ø31.8 matt


This is possible to use products galleries too.

Bottle Cage

This is possible to make selectable more than one product!

Bottle Cage Scorpo SL

Scorpo SL

Customers choice!

Bottle Cage Scorpo SL 2.0

Scorpo SL 2.0

Good for all

Bottle Cage Oxygen Cage Schwarz

Oxygen Cage Schwarz

Professional quality