The enabled features of the wizard lower:

  • Product conditional rules – try to select different frames to see different wheels;
  • Different views – each step has its own product views and settings;
  • Extra Product Fields plugin support – see extra product fields added to the handlebars step;
  • Product thumbnail generation – see for your selected bike will look;
  • Order PDF generation – see how your selection reveals to a PDF file on the cart step;
  • Own checkout step – complete the order right in the wizard. Alternatively, you can just send selected products to the usual WooCommerce cart.


576Welcome to our products wizard! It will help you to make the right choice.

Product wizard will filter unsuitable details based on your choice from the previous steps.


Don’t miss other work mode demos:

  • Single Step Wizard – place all steps and products on one step and provide default selected products;
  • Expanded Sequence Wizard – sequence mode with all steps presented but available step-by-step with an unchangeable fixed product;
  • Cart Reflection Wizard – all selected products will be reflected in the main cart immediately;
  • Free Walk Wizard – make all steps available by default and ordering products through email;
  • Dynamic Email Form – create dynamic email forms without any products at all, but using any available features you need;